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  • Pastor Cathy

Chasing the Stars Among the Dust

Our sermon series for Lent this year is called "Thy Kingdom Come: We Are Resurrection People." Our SUMC worship team wanted to spend this season celebrating who we are as God's creation. We began our Lenten journeys on Ash Wednesday.

For many years, I have heard of pastors using glitter on Ash Wednesday, but never heard why. I grew up learning that this was a reflective day, remembering our humanity and our sinfulness. As a clergy person, I have always taught this as a sacred time - preparing ourselves for the long 6 week journey, 40 day journey, to the cross with Christ.

Thank you to my sisters in the Young Clergywomen International, I had access to a Lenten sermon series based on the movie - the Greatest Showman. As I prayed, listened to our worship team, and sought God's direction for this season at SUMC, this series kept creeping up. I am sooooo glad for this gift!

Our Lenten journeys this year are going to be journeys of celebration, our humanity as God's children. On Ash Wednesday, we talked about purpose and all that we need to do fulfill our purpose. We used words like chasing Heaven, God's kingdom while we live among the dust of humanity. "From stars, God created us. From dust, we were created. To dust and stars we will return." In that celebration, I offered glitter as a option for dust this year. May your lenten journeys be a celebration of glitter, dust and remembrance of Jesus Christ.