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ALB:  Accountable Leadership Board

This is a simplified model for church governance.


2022 Roster

OPEN, Board Chair, ALBChair@stoughtonumc10.org 

Judy Atkinson, SPRC Rep. and Secretary, SPRC@stoughtonumc10.org 

Roni Christian, Treasurer, treasurer@stoughtonumc10.org

Tom Olson, Trustee Rep, facilitiesteam@stoughtonumc10.org

Ricky Howland, Trustee Rep

Jeanne Schwass Long, Food Pantry Rep

Ruth Lawton, Memorial Committee

Pam Dunkel, At-Large Member

Tom Lawton, At-Large Member

Openings for At-Large and other specialized leadership

Other Leadership:

Lisa Urban, Financial Secretary

Pam Mickelson, Administrative Assistant, office@stoughtonumc10.org

Rev. Cathy Christman, Pastor, Pastor@stoughtonumc10.org

Paul teaches in 2 Corinthians 9:11 of generous living as a way of following Jesus Christ. 
"You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous in every way.  Such generosity produces thanksgiving to God through us."(CEB) 
As you consider how you might serve the church, explore all the opportunities.   We would love to have you!  Contact Pastor or the ALB Board Chair today to get connected.